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Our video series is designed to inspire you to think and ask questions about wealth-planning and your financial goals. Take a look at our collection, and contact us to learn more about how we can help with your financial planning needs.

Planning for the High-Net-Worth

Traditional wealth-planning is often segmented, with multiple advisors providing services independent of one another. Although the advisors may have the client’s best interests at heart, gaps can often exist between plans and strategies. Our Wealth With Purpose® planning process is designed to integrate those advisors to ensure alignment with your plan.

Asset Protection

When building a total wealth plan, it’s important to understand the basics of which assets are protected, and which are exposed. The benefits and tradeoffs of different types of assets will help you determine how best to plan for asset protection.

The Asset Allocation vs. Asset Location

Asset allocation means diversifying your portfolio between major asset classes. Asset location involves positioning those investments into accounts with the most favorable tax treatment. Learn how strategic asset location reduces your tax liability, without increasing your overall portfolio risk.

Best Assets for Accumulation & Distribution

When determining the best vehicle to position investment assets, it’s important to build a strategy based on your particular wealth goals. Accumulation and distribution will vary between different types of assets, but the “best” asset class will be one that aligns with your unique objectives and circumstances.

Family Business Planning

70 to 80 percent of family-owned businesses will not make it through the second generation. Effective succession planning must take into account the unique dynamics of such businesses, including family personalities, ownership structure and management.

Difference In Independent Advice

At AltruVista, we put clients, not products, first. We help you crystallize your life goals, and then determine what strategies are best for achieving those goals. In the following video, Ali Nasser, principal of AltruVista, explains the value of independent wealth-planning advice.

Our Process

AltruVista is an independent wealth-planning firm that caters to highly successful business owners. We match your life goals with strategic personal and business planning. Learn more about our process in the following video and follow along with Ali Nasser, principal of AltruVista.

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